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Dr. Sam Muslin, a prominent Santa Monica cosmetic dentist, has proven that the shape of your face and the proportions of your facial profile are determined by your bite position. This means that by changing only your bite he can make a weak jaw stronger, thin lips fuller, reduce sagging skin of the face and jawline, reverse sunken cheeks, minimize wrinkles and lines, and even make a round or wide face longer and a more youthful shape. During his 30 years of experience he found that he can help his patients look several years younger and live a healthier life with his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment because the treatment goes beyond traditional dentistry.

He feels that the key to a longer life with minimal medications derives from maintaining the highest possible level of health during your lifetime. He knows that achieving maximum health starts with optimizing the bite to the TMJ which also helps you look your very best.

As a proud father of three daughters that have grown up and graduated college, he has been able to concentrate on his unique skills of delivering complex adult dentistry. His industry changing creation of a VENLAY ® veneer has made it possible to completely rebuild his patients mouths and bites without grinding or drilling on a single healthy tooth. Everything from a full mouth reconstruction, to correcting an overbite without surgery or braces, to the very best anti-aging dentistry, can be completed with VENLAY ® porcelain veneers in about a week. Without any drilling or grinding on your natural teeth this means no pain, no healing time, and the very best results for your health, smile and face.

His innovation and dedication has never been greater during the development of his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® method. He has shown that he can help his patients look and feel younger and most importantly prevent premature aging .

Master of the Academy
of General Dentistry

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High-Tech Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Sam Muslin has practiced "cutting edge" advanced cosmetic dentistry for the past 30 years in California in Santa Monica. He believes that cosmetic dentistry is still a "smile focused field that does not improve the patients face, profile, or bite health and that his patients deserve so much more." By also feeling like there is entirely too much grinding and drilling of teeth throughout the dental field he created the VENLAY ® veneers. He knows he can help his patients look and feel younger with permanent facial support and facial proportioning that does not require surgery, fillers, Botox ®, or drilling down their natural teeth.

He takes great pride in his leading edge high-tech professionally designed dental office and has earned the status of having arguably the most technologically advanced dental practice in country. He treats patients at his Santa Monica dental practice that fly in from all over the United States and the world because they have seen the quality of his work on his website. He was awarded the prestigious “LA’s Best Dentist” which covers all of Los Angeles County, including the cities of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, all of the San Fernando Valley, Brentwood, Hollywood, Malibu, Culver City etc.

He knows that his patients can experience the ultimate in patient safety in his dental facility with advanced methods of non-invasive dentistry. By improving and supporting the entire face and facial profile without surgery or grinding down his patients teeth, he is changing the field of dentistry forever. His VENLAY ® veneers layer right over the top of the teeth and they are beautifully translucent and incredibly strong. Many of the patients on his website were treated many years ago which is a testimonial to the durability of his work.

Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

In 1996, Dr. Sam Muslin was recognized for his professionalism and dedication to dentistry with the Master of the Academy of General Dentistry Award. At that time, of the 150,000 practicing dentists in the United States, less than 1,000 Masters had been honored during the past 34 years. Recipients of this award are believed to be in the top 1% of practicing dentists, nationwide.

The family name, Musulin, which is of Austrian-Yugoslavian decent, was mistakenly changed to Muslin when his father signed up for the Marine Corps during World War II and remains the same to this day.

As a practicing Santa Monica cosmetic dentist he serves adults looking for the highest standards of dental health care. He developed his anti-aging bite correction dentistry during his many years of studying orthodontics, facial growth and dental orthopedics. He found that dentistry could prevent premature aging and ideally develop the shape and facial profile of the patient without surgery that looks completely natural. His non-invasive dentistry has made his care much faster and far safer for his patients.

From better aesthetics to preserving the natural tooth structure with VENLAY ® veneers there is no question that he has improved the lives of his patients and advanced the field of dentistry. Whether his patients need a full mouth reconstruction, anti-aging dentistry, or an underbite and overbite correction, his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® procedure using the VENLAY ® method is completed without any grinding or drilling on their healthy natural teeth. There is is simply nothing better than looking your best without having to sacrifice the health of your teeth.

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